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See What Digital AirWare Can Do For You!

Digital AirWare In Action

Digital AirWare is one of the fastest growing Aviation Record Management Systems. The reason is simple. We customize your site to give you all the information you need in one place. Using the latest in cloud computing, your records are safe and accessible from anywhere, anytime.

When you log on, you will see the aircraft assigned to your profile. Our unique stoplight records check shows the status of your aircraft.

A GREEN stop light means you are ready to fly.
A YELLOW stop light shows you that there are upcoming items that may need attention.
A RED flashing stop light means the aircraft can not be flown until the items have been corrected.

Aircraft Records

Pilots and mechanics can very easily see the status of the aircraft and know it is ready for flight. All of the demographics for the aircraft are also contained in this section including serial numbers, hobbs times, FAA inspections and Records Auditing performed.

The aircraft status page contains all of the Inspections, Components, ASBs, ADs, CEBs, and Discrepancies. Any sections requiring attention will be color coded in Yellow or Red. Aircraft can also have Equipment Lists, 337s, MODs, ICAs, STCs, TUs, and Weight and Balance sheets uploaded and stored with the aircraft in the corresponding tabs.

Accessory & Tool Tracking

Don't forget about your accessories and tools. Both inspections and tools have their own stoplight to ensure there are no upcoming inspections or outstanding discrepancies.

Wouldn't you like to know how many times your AirTep or hoist was used last year? Using custom forms, you can do what you have never been able to do before. Once a pilot has used an accessory, it's hobbs meter is adjusted for you.

Did you complete your tool inspections? Digital AirWare will remind you via email that your tools have upcoming inspections due. Some tools belong to mechanics and others belong to the service. If it is your personal tool, then the system will email you to ensure inspections are performed.

Customized Forms

The Digital AirWare system has forms designed specifically for your service to mirror the information you need. Forms drive many aspects of the Digital AirWare system including updating your aircraft times, pilot currencies and fuel farm guages. You are able to record and track an unlimited amount of data points. Aircraft fields automatically pull the latest aircraft hobbs, starts, and landings ensuring appropriate data entry.

Along with the custom forms, customized reports pull data from your forms into standardized reports or custom reports. Reports can be created for you or you can experiment with limiteless possibilities. The report scheduler allows reports to be emailed to you on your schedule.

Flight Tracking

We have a variety of ways to integrate Flight Tracking into Digital AirWare. If you already have a flight tracking solution, we can integrate the Flight Tracking data directly into Digital AirWare. If you are considering Flight Tracking but on a tight budget, we have apps that record data from your Android base phone or iPad devices. Each of these can record your coordinates and send the data back once you're on the ground. While real-time flight tracking is always the best, we also offer the ability to save where you have been to help avoid noise complaints and ensure efficient flights.


The inventory section allows you to track your inventory cost across multiple locations. Schedule shipments and receivements so you know what is on order and what needs to be ordered.

Each item profile contains a asset value cost and book value to ensure you know how much cost you have contained with in your inventory. Low quantity warnings are displayed once the item reaches your set low quantity amount, prompting you to re-order items.

The inventory section also allows you to print barcodes and shipping labels to facilitate your inventory flow.


Another cutting edge feature of Digital AirWare is the complex statistical information that is available to you.

With all your service information in one location, calculating average flight time per aircraft per day is now done automatically. Each time the aircraft is flown, the statistics are automatically updated on the aircraft status page.


Many reports are provided for you automatically such as Aircraft Activity, TU/Mods performed, FAA registration compliance, low quantity inventory, maintenance forcaster, and many more. You also receive custom reports designed specifically for your service, typically at no additional cost. The custom reports section allows you to create your own reports and have these reports scheduled and delivered to you via your email on your schedule. Reports can encompass a summary of activities over a period of time, graphs of data trends, fuel usage, arrest statistics and much more.

Risk Assessment

You can create a custom Risk Assessment for your service and assign each question a point value. The Risk Assessment will total each sub-category and calculate your total Risk Assessment and reveal if you are ready to fly or if you need to mitigate your risk. Each risk category is color coded and electronically signed by the pilot before completing.


One of our most recent new additions is the Scheduling division. You can now schedule your Employees and Aircraft events through our drag and drop scheduler. All events are able to be viewed with specific filters so only the correct people have access to the scheduled events. Aircraft events allow up to 4 crew members to be staffed with the event and include notes for radio frequencies, special procedures, and any other information. Since calendars can look very busy, very quickly, we have added an upcoming agenda view, as well as daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views.

Pilots track a variety of information for their currencies. NVG operations, night flight time, day & night landings, PIC time and many more. Complex statistics are calculated on the fly quickly with Digital AirWare. Each time the pilot flies, their personal profile is updated to contain the latest information. These statistics and flight information can be downloaded easily for personal log books and documentation purposes from the user's profile page.

Shift Release

The Shift Release lets you know you are ready to fly. This brings your Aircraft status, crew status, accessories (NVGs & iPads), and Risk Matrix all together to let you know you are safe and ready to fly. Our simple to use Shift Release will automatically help you duty time in, check the aircraft status sheets, and create a risk matrix at the click of a button.

Status Board

The Status Board is a quick view of everything going on right now. Each aircraft will be shown along with the pilot weather report for that base, aircraft status (Green, Yellow or Red) and the current crew. Next to each crew member, you can quickly see when that crew member Duty Timed in, and how long they have remaining for a 12 hour or 14 hour Duty Day. On the right side of the screen, you will see each base plotted on the map along with the current weather & temperature at that location. The status board can be viewed directly from your browser or Google Earth and both will automatically update every few minutes to keep the latest information at your fingertips.

Time Cards

As your Pilots and Crews duty time in, several things happen automatically. Crews will automatically be registered with our Status Board. This will show you exactly when the crews came on shift and how much duty time they have remaining on a 12 hour and 14 hour duty day. Also, this will generate a time card for each user automatically. The time cards also allow notes for any modifications of the duty time and provisions for Leave Shifts and On-Call shifts. If the time card is for a Pilot, the time card will automatically add the total number of flight hours from the user's form to the time card for quick reference.

User Management

Each user has a unique profile that contains a wealth of information. Demographics, contact information, next of kin notifications and position information are just a few of the fields for every user. Pilot profiles also contain medical checks & documents, check ride certifications & documents, and available aircraft. Pilot currencies such as NVG time, PIC time and night take off/landings are automatically generated and available at any time.
The document sections allow users to keep sensitive documents secure and available at any time.

User Roles

Each service has a unique structure and we understand that. You are able to design as many user roles for your service and assign what priviledges each user role has. This keeps your data protected and allows modifications to be made by the correct personnel. Are you planning on selling an aircraft? You can create a user role for the buyer and allow only auditing records of that aircraft. Since all records are scanned into the system, records auditing can be performed from across the country and ensure a smooth transition.

Visual Alert System

Digital AirWare is the only program available that uses stop light colors to indicate if an aircraft is ready for flight. By compiling all the aircraft inspections, components, ASBs, ADs, CEBs and discrepancies in easy to use location, the software quickly determines the status of your aircraft and provides you with all the information for a safe flight each and every time you log in.

The stop light system is also used to quickly check the status of your pilots and staff to ensure medical certifications and check rides are current.